Mobile first Markdown Notes integrated with Git

Sync with Git

GitJournal uses standard SSH, and can therefore work with any Git Hosting Provider.

GitHub GitLab Gitea Self Hosted - Image by Reddit User Scout339

Compatible with your favorite Desktop Apps

GitJournal aims to be extremely configurable and work with your favorite apps. The idea is to not build another silo and instead integrate into your existing workflow.

Configure the View

No two people are the same - Depending on the task and the person - your Notes may need to be visualized differently

Multiple Editors

All your notes are stored in Markdown. However you can edit the notes in many different ways depending on the task

Additional Features

Wiki Links

Notes can be linked together by typing [[Name]]

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See which all Notes have linked to your Note

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Graph View

Soon you'll even be able to visualize yours Notes in a Graph

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100% Open Source

GitJournal will always be completely Open Source. Join the community and help us build your ideal note taking app.