My name is Vishesh.

I've been contributing to Open Source software for over a decade.

Vishesh Handa

I believe that we the people should be in control of our own data, and I'm increasingly frustrated by me sacrificing my privacy because the alternatives are just too burdensome.

This was a bit easier when we just used one device, but nowadays with multiple devices, safeguarding privacy is much harder.

I couldn't find products which had the usability and design that I wanted, while still giving us control of our data and allowing us to easily integrate the tools with our existing workflows.

Eventually, I decided to start building products which satisfied my values and are also a delight to use.

I'm trying to build completely open source sustainable products that spark joy in people, and also give them back control of their data while letting them easily pick their preferred privacy level.

As a Developer, I'm learning so much about product design, customer discovery, marketing, pricing and so much more as I try to build these, hopefully sustainable, products.

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