About Me

Hi! My name is Vishesh.

I’m the author of GitJournal. I’ve been writing open source software for over a decade, and care a lot about data privacy and making it more accessible to the rest of the world.

Long before I started GitJournal, I had been storing my notes and journal entries in plain text or markdown files. It’s a simple everlasting format that works with almost all editors. What was lacking was a way to synchronize my notes over multiple devices, while still having control of my data.

I imagine a lot of you reading this already store your notes in a Git Repo. The beauty of using Git is that not only is self hosting trivial, there are also lots of git hosting providers available (Github/Gitlab). You get to chose who you trust with you data, and you can seemlessly move from one provider to another. True Data Portability.

I started GitJournal to fill the missing piece of easily accessing notes in Git from your mobile. I built it on top of Git and markdown so that I wouldn’t be creating another silo, but rather using open standards which most tools already understand. It is important to me that GitJournal should be compatible with other apps.

My aim with GitJournal is to build a note taking application that -

I’m always open to ideas and feature requests. Feel free to contact me via Twitter, email or LinkedIn or just file an issue on Github