Version 1.73



  • Allow the Git Repo to be accessible by other apps. You can now edit the notes with any other editor in Android, and additionally sync with any other mechanism as the folder is in a public location - #99


  • Auto save the Note when the App loses focus. The changes are not committed, but this way you never lose your notes

  • Allow GitJournal to be visible in the iOS Files app

  • Allow syncing via iCloud

  • Add Shortcuts support in iOS - #262

  • Custom SSH keys with passwords can now be used - #227

  • Create new note when clicking on non existing Wiki Link - #240

  • Debug Screen: Add a button to easily copy all the logs

  • Git Remote Settings: Expose the git host

  • When sharing a note share it's metadata as well #360

Bug Fixes

  • Fix notes not always showing up - #270

  • Fix sharing to GitJournal - #293