A fair price for you

No Subscriptions. You'll forever own what you Purchase.

Android - Free 
Ios - 3.99$
Pay-what-you-want (with a minimum)
Basic Search
Dark Mode
Raw Editor
Folder Support
Customize Default File Name
Customize Note Meta Data
Note Tags
Note Backlinks
Customize Home Screen
Zen Mode
Multiple Repos

The Pro version can be purchased via -

  1. One Time Purchase:Permanently enables all Pro features currently in GitJournal and new features added in the following 12 months.
  2. Monthly Installments:Enables all Pro Features. After 12 months or after paying the min yearly purchase, you will get all the benefits of the 'One Time Purchase'.

Please check the relevant App Stores for the prices of the Monthly Installments and One Time Payment, I'm currently running many experiments and trying to find a price which works well for all countries.

In general:
  • The minimum Monthly Installments are about 2 - 3 $ / Month
  • The minimum One Time Purchase is about 24 - 36 $

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't afford the Pro Version?

I don't want price to be a limiting factor for getting control of your data.

If you cannot afford it or find the price of the Pro Version to be too high or out of range, please email me, and I'd be happy to work out a plan that works best for you.

Are there any other Payment Mechanisms?

Currently it is only possible to pay via the App Stores. I'm in the process of setting up alternative payments options.