Version 1.68



  • One Time Purchase

    I'm changing the buisness model from typical subscriptions to a model where you forever own the features you have paid for. The earlier monthly subscription is still available, but that will automatically convert into a One Time Purchase after 12 months.

  • Zettelkasten filename format

    Allow notes to be saved with the 'yyyymmddmmhhss' format


  • Make Swipe to delete configurable

    Apparently, many users hate it and accidentally trigger it quite often.

  • Allow Markdown to be previewd from all Editors

    All of GitJournal's editors are compatible and operate on the same markdown file. Earlier you could only preview the rendered markdown when with the Markdown Editor.

  • Git Host Automatic Setup

    Make it clearer that GitJournal will require permissions to all your repos

  • Beautify the purchase slider

  • Allow `tags` to be a space seperated string in the YAML header. Earlier it had to be list.

  • Show `Pro mode` label in AppBar for pro members

Bug Fixes

  • Preserve Note title format

    Regardless of the settings, the note title should be saved in the same way it was read. Eg - If it was in the YAML metadata, it should be saved there.

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