Version 1.69



  • Add a fast dark mode switcher. Inspired by Telegram.

  • Inline Tags

    By default now typing with '#feature' will mark the note with the 'feature' tag. As GitJournal is used in so many different ways, the inline tags prefix is quite configurable - #44


  • RepoSelector: Show the datetime in relative terms

Bug Fixes

  • Parse Maps in the YAML Frontmatter

    Earlier they were being ignored. Unfortunately, the exact formatting of the map might not be preserved, as the YAML serializer still needs some work. Please vote on issue #239 to increase its priority

  • Hide Notes which could not be parsed.

    Those notes were still shown but in a mangled state. We now clearly hide those note. You can check the debug log to see which files are being ignored. The idea is to have a future File System View - #91 - where you can see all the files in a repo, along with the reason why some of them do not appear as Notes.